CleanzGuard Hand Sanitizer  is based on 75% Active Ingredient Isopropyl Alcohol in a
unique, non drying, moisturizing and conditioning formulation.  CleanzGuard kills 99.% of most common germs and viruses, that may cause illness, in just 15 seconds.  Formulated by the strick

guidelines of the CDC.   FDA APPROVED.

No Water Needed.

1 8oz Bottle of  CleanzGuard produces fast drying, non sticky gel that contains special  ingredients that leave the skin with a soft, refreshing and silky after feel. Providing protection
against germs and viruses when soap and water is not available.  Cleanzguard is available in 3.38 oz, 4 oz, 8oz, 32oz, 1 gl. 

It works great in our CleanzStation Dispensers, allowing a touchless application for safey and sterile use.

8 oz Bottles are available in cases of 12ct.  24ct  48ct

Always carry along with you, to sanitize after touching anything.

Take all precautions when going out into the public. Remember to sanitize offen.


Case Discounts

12ct- Case

            1         -    $ 55.00

            2-5     -    $ 53.00       5% Discount

            6-10         $50.00     10% Discount

24ct- Case

            1         -    $110.00

            2-5     -    $105.00    5% Discount

            6-10         $ 99.50     10% Discount

48ct- Case

            1         -    $ 221.00

            2-5     -    $ 210.00       5% Discount

            6-10         $199.00     10% Discount


Additional Volume -  Please Ask for a quote

Made in the USA

CleanzGuard Hand Sanitizer Gel 8oz Bottle

  • Our Apologies, There are no returns on PPE products at this time. Thank you.