CleanzGuard Hand Sanitizer is based on the Active Ingredient Isopropyl Alcohol in a
unique, non drying, moisturizing and conditioning formulation.  CleanzGuard kills 99.% of most common germs and viruses, that may cause illness, in just 15 seconds.

No Water Needed.

1 Gallon  of  CleanzGuard produces fast drying, non sticky gel that contains special  ingredients that leave the skin with a soft, refreshing and silky after feel. Providing protection against germs and viruses when soap and water is not available.


Available in Case Pack 4ct


Perfect for filling the CleanzStations or refilling your personal bottles.  CleanzStations come in Wall Mount, Table Tops and Stand Up Units.  They are strong and effective in any area of your home, business, office.  This is the perfect solution to provide the public with a way to sanitize.

Take all precautions when going out into the public. Remember to sanitize offen.


Case Discounts

Case 4ct

            1         -     $200.00

            2-5     -    $190.00      5% Discount

            6-10  -    $180.00     10% Discount


Volume -  Please Ask for a quote

CleanzGuard Hand Sanitizer Gel 1 GL

  • Who are you?  

    We are a family owned business in Southern California under the name of  Famco LLC that manufactures and produces Cleanzguard Products  under the guidelines of the CDC with 1 goal in mind - to help stop the spread of this virus.

    Is CleanzGuard FDA Approved?

    Yes all cleanzguard sanitizers are FDA Approved.

    What is in it?

    Cleanzguard Sanitizer is a gel is based on the active ingredient of 75% Isopropyl Alcohol  -  Cleanzguard Sanitize Solution is a liquid of 80/20 Isopropyl Alcohol. Please see Drug Facts for more information.

    Do you have SDS on these products?

    Yes we do, Please go to the menu About CG  - About SS

    Does is smell like alot of sanitizers on the market now?

    No. The gel has a pleasant scent of alcohol the evaporates quickly.  The solution has a mild lemon scent.  

    Does it kill the virus?

    WHO and the CDC recommended Alcohol is a recommended agent to destroying the coronavirus. It does this by destroying the lipid, or fatty bilayer, that holds it together.  When a virus’s proteins, lipids and RNA fall apart, The components are no longer viable and the virus becomes inactive.  Isopropyl Alcohol breaks down the fatty lipid bilayer or envelope that hold the virus together. 

    After I order, when does it ship?

    Usually in 1 business day.

    Can I use any sanitizers in the dispensers?

    Yes, although CleanzGuard is the Recommended Solution.

    The dispenser has a universal, refillable 1000mL reservoir that takes

    any gel  or liquid sanitizer.  Please keep in mind the nozzle that you

    are choosing.


    Does it take foam sanitizer?

    No, it does not.

    Is it touchless?

    Yes, there is an infrared sensor that automatically dispenses when

    your hand is underneath.

    How does it dispense?

    Is it like a spray or like a drop?

    The drop takes Cleanzguard Gel and the spray takes a liquid like the Sanitize Solution.

     How many dispenses will I get before I need to refill the reservoir? You will get an estimated 1600 dispenses before needing to refill the reservoir.

    Do I need to plug it in?

    The unit works with either FOUR (4) C Batteries (1.5V) or DC 6 Volt, 1 AMP (6V, 1A) adapter plug.   Batteries or the cord are not included.

    What kind of batteries does it take? It takes four (4) C Batteries

    Are batteries included?

    No, batteries are not included but they are available for purchase.

    How many dispenses do I get before I need to change the batteries? 

    Estimated 25,000 dispenses

    Can I use this station outside?

    No, because of the sensor, it is for indoor use only.

    How do I get sanitizer refills from you?

        You can order from this website or email or call 844-4-CLEANZ or 844-425-3269 to order more sanitizer solution  or gel from us.

        What kind of sanitizer do you have?

        We have both liquid and gel sanitizer with the WHO-recommended formula (80% alcohol)

        Do I have to buy refills from you?

        No, Although it is recommended, you can use any bulk liquid or gel sanitizer solution. Just open the reservoir and pour in the solution from a gallon jug.

        Does it have a warranty?

        We guarantee that when you receive our stations, if anything doesn't work, we will replace it or make it right.